This is the process for individuals that is not an Accredited Evergreen Parenting facilitator/consultant

  1. Introduction course: 

Applicants are required to enroll into an introduction online course. Applicants must have access to fast reliable wifi and have chrome as a browser.

  • The following modules are included in the training:
    • The trees in our garden: Temperament module
    • Say yes to healthy authority module
    • Online assessment test


  • Cost for that is R400. If you are unable to enroll and complete the online introduction to First Steps course, we will be able to send you the DVD’s at an additional postage and an additional fee to mark the assessment will be charged.


  • Pass rate for the enrollment course is 80%


  1. Registration for the First Steps Training:

To register, send an email to:  (Western Cape)

irene@ (the rest of South Africa)

We will send you a link to registrar


  1. Training Costs:

R2500 – It is a 2 day course that includes your Trainer’s manual, Parent’s Workbook (after finishing of exam and licence payment), 2 light lunches plus exam fee.


  1. Exam:

Write an exam after the 2 day training. Pass rate is 80%


After training and examination:

Before you may present a First Step Seminar you have to buy a license. The license fee is a once-off fee. You may change your license fee at a later stage.

Choose between two types of Licenses:

  1. Community Service License:
  • You only want to train parents in your community and you see it as a part of a ministry
  • Cost to register: R300 once of Fee
  • You can charge the parents R50-R100. The community is responsible for food and drinks and a venue

Requirement from First Steps Facilitator:

  • Quarterly report submitted online on the First Steps website
  • Photos/good stories/video clips from your seminars


  1. Sponsorship License:
  • You want to train parents / ECD personal of large companies
  • Cost to register: R1000 once of fee

This licence allows:

  1. You can use our banking details for the money to be paid in
  2. We will assist with quotations and sending of invoices to the company
  3. You can ask up to R600 pp including venue, meals, drinks and your cost.

Requirement from First Steps Facilitator:

  • 30% commission is payable to First Steps
  • First Steps must receive an invoice for every seminar
  • Feedback after each workshop submitted online on the First Steps website
  • Photos/good stories/video clips from your seminars