Process for non- Evergreen Parenting Facilitators

Attend an full 16 hour Evergreen Parenting seminar 
* cost for this seminar average at R350 but could vary depending on the facilitator and location


Attend two First Steps seminars
* cost for this seminar is R50 p/p per seminar


Choose between First Steps licence options A or B

License option A: the profitability licence
Fee: R 2500 - Once qualified you may charge minimum R50 p/p and maximum R600 p/p for a 16 hour First Steps Seminar. * this licence holder may use the First Steps NPO registration number as well as SARS tax exemption certificate.

License option B: the non-profitability licence
Fee: R 1000 - Once qualified you may not charge more than R50 p/p

  • Both license option fees includes your exam cost and your starting kit.


Existing Evergreen Parenting Facilitators process