Western Cape, Somerset West – Drikie Atherstone


My name is Drikie and I work from home. I do various things but my most important responsibility that explains who I am, is my family. I am a wife to an airline pilot and a mother of two wonderfully uniquely created boys. Now age 10 and 3. We use Evergreen Parenting Principles in our day to day and find that they give life because it shows us to the Lord’s Will, to His Word. Im thankful to be a facilitator for First Steps as well as involved in other projects of Evergreen. I am involved in the Strand community and are so exited when it comes to sharing something that works – when implemented I must ad. All things good aren’t good when it does not serve you. I hope to see lives touched and children’s futures changed. I can see that First Steps can serve to bring South Africa to a place of Hope again.

I have experience in Public Relations and Media but have a heart for the lost and broken. After some time on the mission field I have worked with children living with HIV and disabled adults. My conclusion at the age I am enjoying now is that we all need the Bread and Water that does not leave us wanting.


Afrikaans, English


Western Cape

Contact info:

084 839 4444 drikieatherstone@gmail.com